Titan Coronation of Merxia

Titan Coronation is the largest of the three titans that roam the Heimar; shaped like a tortoise, the titan roams slowly, leaving a trail of trampled wilderness. The city is housed primarily inside the tortoise shell, while the surface is reserved for fortifications and agriculture.

A tribunal rules over the titan, creating the laws and deciding where the titan shall roam.

Map of Merxia

Layers of Merxia


Key Concepts of Titan Merxia

* Magic users deemed dangerous or who are captured on the Mat and sources of latent magic, such as enchanted arms and armor, are consumed in the Furnace Heart, the “engine” of the titan.

* Each tribune has supreme rule over a single layer of the titan, while in other layers the common laws reign. Tribunes cannot over-rule common law without a vote; the military keeps the tribunes in check.

* Excursions to the Mat are quick ways to generate wealth, although not the safest. The military controls the exits, which are at the bottom of the titan, and contract most of the excursions; however private excursions happen both legally and illegally.

* To practice any business, form any organization, own any property or do much of anything, a warrant, charter or permit must be obtained through the Hall of Justiciars.

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* The tribunes and other major players ensure that plenty of celebrations are hosted to keep the populous hopeful and happy.

Titan Coronation of Merxia

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