Valley of Heimar

Scholars estimate the Valley of Heimar is sprawled over a thousand miles in length and half that wide in the center while tapering towards the ends. Two inhospitable mountain ranges encapsulate the valley, walling the immense valley in all but two gaps to the northwest and southeast.

In the northwest the valley opens upon Neverbloom Wood, a twisted landscape of charred earth and combusting trees, a land of rapid regrowth and death. Here the overgrowth has yet to overwhelm the fiery power of the Red Man, a ghostly tree-folk wreathed in flame, said to control the lands of the wood.

The ever-dying lands of the Principality of Rolan, also known as the Deadlands of the Twin Prince , ruled by tribune Traimus’s twin brother, forms the south-eastern border of the valley, controlling the Damus Gap, one of the few ways into and out of the valley. Beyond the gap, however, lies a darker land; it is rumored a god of undeath hides deep within the gap, hiding from god-devouring demons and heroes of worlds’ past.

A wide, raging river, The Kelpie splits the valley in half, feeding a large, oblong lake north of the center of the valley and continuing to Neverbloom, steaming as it twists its way through the woods. The lake, Ephalia’s Tear, is deep and miles; dozens of smaller rivers feed into it, making much of the land around its shores marsh like.

Throughout the valley ruins of cities are scattered and overgrown. Great kingdoms once ruled here, lorded over by renowned heroes, the relics of these lands are now buried. The great titans wander the valley, the inhabitants searching ruins and capturing beasts to fuel their machines.

Simply known as “the Mat”, the overgrowth covers everything. Seemingly random areas within the valley are inhabited by plants and animals never seen before, gigantic beasts and alien plants, which choke out the normal flora and fauna. Yet, in other places hordes of demons or the influence of the Fey realm is strongly present.

Throughout the Mat primitive tribes of lizard-folk, bullywugs, troglodytes and other races have sprung up. In many spaces the floor of the Mat is inundated with swampland, perfect places for the new reptilian and amphibian inhabitants.

The north-east mountain chain is home to the Bubonic King, and infested with his ilk. Once a great dwarf king, ruler of the Halls of Jaern, he is now a diseased maniac, terrorizing all that approach. Dominating the peaks of the mountains are the Drakkar, dragon guardians of Drakkzgulheim, realm of dragons.

The southwest mountain chain is home to the Porta di Ferro Infernal, a set of massive iron doors that, in legend, allow passage to Hell by any mortals. The doors have been sealed for centuries, buried within a mountain, but no animals dare come near nor do plants grow for miles. A religious order is said to patrol the area, slaying all devils or demons that attempt to use the door and keeping mortals away.

Sharing this mountain chain are clans of the Jotnar, giants, rallied under the banner of Lodirnfyggra, a giantess of immeasurable power and sworn enemy of Primus Oengar, in exile on the Titan Coronation.

Valley of Heimar

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