“Mortals yearn for war; war drives progress, promises power and soothes the primal spirit. In the age of the Green Tide, however, war is an act of luxury, afforded only to the hopeless and naive.”
-Yggra, Ancient Celestial Wyrm, Astromancer of the Drakkar

Over a century ago, after the fall of the gods and defeat of the primeval Lords, the veil between the realm of the Fey and the realm of the Mortals became indistinguishable. Within the Valley of Heimar, nature bends civilization to its mysterious will, indiscriminately crushing all who stand before it in a tide of vines, trees and beasts.
The civilized races have taken to the backs of great magical constructs, walking titans capable of housing entire cities. Resources are scarce and threats are numerous, but humanity must forge on.

You have come to the Titan Coronation of Merxia, remnants of a feudal kingdom that once held dominance within the region who constructed the titan on the back of forced labor. Whether you came here recently, likely on accident, or were raised here, you have learned that society functions within the strict codes of the ruling tribunes.

Survival of humanity is of the utmost priority to the tribunes, even if done so through oppression and savagery.

Enter the Valley of Heimar!

The Valley of Heimar

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