Layers of Merxia

The Shell (Top, Exterior) – Command center, the Aerie, Four Towers, Agriculture

Ultar Keep (Upper, Oculus, one level)– Protrudes through the titan’s shell, House of Blades, Cauldron of Blood, Savage Grounds

Sacred Circle of Adalose (Upper, Oculus, one level) – Omni-temple, Soul’s Hearth, The Tome House, Polaris Citadel

Waterworks (Upper, Body, various levels)- Water system, sewers, waste removal, dark folk

Upper Commons (Middle, Oculus, three levels)– Common class, near the top of the oculus, minor market

Lower Commons (Lower, Oculus, five levels)– Common class, near the bottom of the oculus, minor market

The Bazaar (Lower, Oculus, one level) – Major market, limited magic items

The Bastion (Floor of Oculus, floor) – Military, Civic Buildings, exit portals to the Mat

Necropoli of Traimus (Rear, Body, two levels) – The Pit, The Colony, The Necropolis, Binding Ground

The Furnace Heart (Unknown entrance, front) – No one is allowed in the Furnace Heart


Layers of Merxia

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