Ultar the Primal Lord

Ultar the Primal Lord. Ultar the Enduring. Ultar the Sovereign of Beasts.

Leader of an exotic civilization from a mythical jungle far to the south, Ultar is a symbol of the strength of mankind. His people fled their lands during the turning of the Age of Green, cutting a swathe through the Deadlands of the Twin Prince and seeking refuge within the kingdom of Merxia.

Ultar was born during the exodus to Heimar, his birth foretold by the seers of his kind who claimed the beat of the Prime matches that of Ultar’s own heart. Man and beast knelt before him, as he grew into a formidable warrior. During an expedition in the Mat he encountered a demonic beast of a great roc. A slaughtered occurred as Ultar’s warriors were eviscerated by talons and consumed by abyssal flame.

Ultar, filled with revenge and unflinching bravery fueled by the screams of his dying warriors cut deep of the roc’s flesh. Blood gushed from the wound, and Ultar drank deep. His soul ever transformed, he subjugated the demonic roc, binding it’s blood to his. His act awoke an ancient magic tied to his people, that of blood magic, a magic that binds demons and beasts alike, one that warps the flesh and seizes the mind.

Ancestors, practitioners of this lost art, whispered into his ears. He shared their secrets with his people.

When the King of Merxia passed away, Ultar seized this time to assert control, claiming a seat in the tribunal for himself.


Ultar the Primal Lord

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